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Manuel Reina shoes .

In Manuel Reina we are delighted to present our new dance, bride and casual shoes to our clients with the improved templates . Shoes that, without any doubt, will revolutionize the tread in the world of dance, and in those that you do every day around the world.

In Manuel Reina we have implemented this new technology in all our footwear, to make them more comfortable and offer our clients the best sensations while dancing, attending a social event or walking through the city.

The research and development team of Manuel Reina has managed to implement an innovative and incredibly useful technology, creating a special template based on " Air Microcell System® Technology ", which achieves everything Manuel Reina wishes for his creations.

Our models are farbicated in our Potugal plant with the craftsmanship of Spain , and each pair of shoes is made by hand following a procedure that has been used by our founding master for more than 70 years and that our specialized team inspects every day.

Each product is handmade with great expertise by our expert shoemakers .

The great advance in the design and innovation of Manuel Reina has been produced with the implementation in the manufacturing process of the Air Microcell System® system, the innovative workforce, composed of Three different layers, create an ultra comfortable innovative product and are one of the strengths of our shoes.

The first layer of the template is made of a very soft material that does not deform in any way, even after many hours of pressure, with a compression of less than 5% and an absent deformation.

The second layer is made of cellular PU foam with a transparency that ranges between 95% and 100%. What does that mean? It means that your foot, inside the shoe, will breathe without problems, so it will never be sweaty, the air will circulate without any problem and the foot will always remain cool, especially on the wing.

The third layer is essential, especially in winter. This is a particular layer with a patented fabric explicitly designed to prevent water and moisture from entering the shoe. Thanks to this fabric, moisture will remain outside the shoe even in the worst situations.

Thanks to the Ortholite system, Manuel Reina is at the forefront in protecting the feet of its customers.

Three layers that together form a patented sole and are distributed throughout the new Manuel Reina shoe line, and that make them unique, of excellent quality and true best sellers.

The three insoles represent the most advanced technology in the industry and are at your disposal in the best footwear designed by Manuel Reina, ready to provide protection, freshness and a sense of rest at every step.

How many times have you wanted a shoe with these characteristics?

Well, now it exists.

Manuel Reina has implemented this technology for their products because their priority is to make shoes with which live the best moments of your life .


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