Manuel Reina Shoes

Mr. Manuel Reina

Company founded in 1977 in Madrid.

MANUEL REINA, artist of light, has dedicated a lifetime to the shoe. A professional life marked with numerous awards. For more than 15 years, MANUEL REINA has been dedicated to the dance shoe. It amazes the beauty, the plasticity of lines and the artistic design of the different models hardly imitable.

Manuel Reina’s shoes have light within itself. The comfort, flexibility and enhancement of elegance in his dancing shoes, comply with the wishes of the customer, who enjoys a unique and exclusive shoe made fully to its taste.

The dance shoe becomes incarnate in the foot of the client because it seems that already nobody but he could wear it.

Manuel Reina

Master Mr. Manuel Reina

It is not strange that his shoes have crossed borders and its light shine around the world. Our corporate mission is to be committed to providing excellence in the quality of products and services we offer to our clients, at the same time that we move forward in the investigation of new markets and technologies.

For Reina Artisans, every customer is important and this is why we are looking for perfection when making each shoe.Our corporate vision is to be recognized at the international level as a cutting-edge brand always offering a product of excellence and bringing beauty to the world of dance through our shoes.